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Derek Jeter lot includes: 

PLEASE NOTE:  The first date in the description is the copyright date from the back of the the (where available).  If there is a second date in the description, it is the date on the front of the card.  WILL CONSIDER SELLING SEPARATELY.  

Baseball Cards 

1993 Derek Jeter Rookie Card Upper Deck Premier Prospects card

1993 Derek Jeter Rookie Card Upper Deck Yankees Top Prospects card X 2

1994 Derek Jeter Topps 1994 Prospects card

1994 Deret Jeter Upper Deck Collector's Choice Future Foundation card X 6

1995 Derek Jeter Topps Minor League MVPs card

1995 Derek Jeter Upper Deck card X 2

1996 Derek Jeter Score card

1997 Derek Jeter Score True Grit card 



2001, October 2 Sports Illustrated Deker Jeter "The Yanks' Historic Comeback" issue 

$22,500.00 for all 

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