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Hank Aaron lot includes: 

PLEASE NOTE:  The first date in the description is the copyright date from the back of the the (where available).  If there is a second date in the description, it is the date on the front of the card.  WILL CONSIDER SELLING SEPARATELY.  

1982 Hank Aaron Topps Kmart 20th Anniversary MVP Series card

1987 Hank Aaron  Kmart 25th Anniversary Collectors' Edition card X 

1989 Hank Aaron Topps Turn Back the Clock card X 5

1992 Hank Aaron Dow Brands Ziploc card

1992 Hank Aaron Tabb Investments Sports Card #27702 of 70,000 card 

1994 Hank Aaron Topps 20th Anniversary #715 card X 3

No date Hank Aaron miniature puzzle unbroken 

No date Hank Aaron Collect-A-Books miniature book 

$12,500.00 for all 

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